Social Media…Why?

There are still many businesses out there without any social media platforms and if you are one of them i hope this article is useful. Over the past month i have had enquiries from businesses asking more about social media and how to run a strategy effectively.

One of the main questions that seems to be popping is …

My business has been running for 30 years, so why do i need to have a social media channel?”

Social media can be a powerful tool and it effectively introduces your brand to people. It’s a way to increase awareness, curiosity and gets your company recognised to potential new customers.

If people are unaware of your products they are unlikely to buy from you. Research suggests 78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media. Conveying the right message is key to building awareness for your brand, which in turn begins to build a relationship and trust with your customers.

I have compiled a list for things to consider when building a social strategy.





Content creates opportunities

Communication is key. Every blog post, image, video and comment can lead to a website visit and eventually a sale. People are always searching for content that interests them. Find out what your customers/clients want and direct target content that will suit their needs.

The more content you share the more traffic will lead to your website. To put it simply...

More traffic-means more leads = sales.

Email list

The end goal for every business is to ultimately make a sale.
Lead generating from email marketing can be very effective. Create a landing page for your website that gives something of value to your clients like a free ebook or a free training video, this can be really helpful to your clients and in turn you have their contact details to promote your services in the future. Facebook ads are also a powerful lead generating platform for small businesses. The ads can be inexpensive and highly targeted to your ideal client.
It is worth bearing in mind though that if you are collecting people’s data you need to make sure you are GDPR compliant. This comes to force across Europe next month.


I hope you have found these bits of advice helpful and if you are thinking of building your social media platform, storeymedia provides workshops to help you create a social media strategy.

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