Quick guide to boost video engagement

Ways to boost your video:

We’ve heard how video is only set to get bigger with brands predicting 75% of traffic will be the driving factor for all online searches by 2020. According to Facebook 100 million hours are spent every day watching video alone, meaning more people are likely to share videos with their friends than any other type of content. With this companies need to be capitalising on using video to help boost their brand and business.



Ways to boost your video:

1: Go back to basics and look how you intend to shoot your video and frame your shot accordingly. If you are wanting your video to be mainly viewed online, avoid using lots of wide-angle shots. Design for mobile.

2. Capture your audience’s attention: First impressions count and in this case you have up to 5 seconds to hook your audience in. The start of the video needs to have the most compelling captions/ imagery to keep your viewers watching for longer.

3. Use captions: Well liked by viewers, they can provide a powerful piece to help boost R.O.I on your video. Captions help to increase watch times and this is important for your ‘call to action’. It’s also a consideration for search engines in video rankings. Google and YouTube consider watch time as a factor in their rankings.


The more accessible your content is to your audience, the more they are likely to share and trust in your business/product.

Using these 3 ways to boost your video with help increase engagement, meaning more people will be watching your videos for longer. It’s said that 95% of viewers retain messages on video that 10% reading text.

Businesses who have added captions to their existing online videos have seen an immediate boost in their social media engagement.

What’s stopping you? Go ahead and re-purpose your old videos and see for yourself!


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